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Nighttime Mountain Majesty: This stained glass piece captures the serene beauty of a starry night. The clear, towering mountains stand against a deep blue sky, adorned with a shimmering star bevel that adds a touch of magic to the scene.

Daybreak Over the Peaks: Bathed in the warm glow of the morning sun, this stained glass artwork depicts majestic mountains in hues of brown and amber. The clear blue sky provides a perfect backdrop for the rising sun, casting a golden light over the landscape.


Hang in your window securely. Measures 7.5 in.


Day & Night Peaks

  • Variety of Glass
     60/40 Tin/Led
    Copper Foil
    Wax Sealant 
    Metal Hoops
    Lead Came


    Treat your glass with respect. Remember – no matter how much it’s supported or how strong it looks – this piece is made out of a breakable material and is fragile. ​

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