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a piece that effortlessly combines beauty and functionality. Crafted from clear glass, this sconce features transparent strips of rainbow colors that create a stunning visual effect when lit. The light shines through the colored strips, casting a warm and inviting glow in any room.

This versatile sconce can be placed in front of a candle, allowing the flickering flame to dance through the colors and create a soothing ambiance. It can also be placed in front of a plant, adding a touch of elegance and color to your indoor garden. Alternatively, place it in your window to catch the sunlight and create a dazzling display of colors in your home.

Elevate your home decor with this beautiful and versatile glass candle sconce, a perfect addition to any room.


7 wide by 6 inches tall. 


One of a kind - Hand made in-house in Durango, CO

Rainbow Sun Candle Sconce

SKU: 3.99571E+12
  • Q: Can your fused glass dishes go in the dishwasher?
    A: We recommend hand-washing for all our glass products. Over time and with repeated uses, the dishwasher detergent will scratch art glass and leave it foggy-looking, however they should not break inside the dishwasher. 

    Q: Are your glass dishes food safe?
    A: Yes, they are!

    Q: Can your glass dishes be put in the oven or microwave?
    A: No! Never use art glass to heat up food in your microwave or oven. They will likely thermal shock, potentially cracking in your oven or microwave.


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