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A harmonious blend of style and functionality, the plate features a captivating design, divided into three distinct sections. The first half boasts a transparent sea blue hue, reminiscent of tranquil waters, adding a refreshing touch to your table setting. The middle strip is adorned with a swirling teal pattern, adding a dynamic and artistic flair. Finally, the remaining third showcases a sophisticated checkered pattern, adding a modern and elegant touch to the plate. This square plate is not just a dining essential but a statement piece that will impress your guests and elevate your dining aesthetic.


8 inches square


One of a kind - Hand made in-house in Durango, CO

Sectional Plate

SKU: 7.64523E+12
  • Q: Can your fused glass dishes go in the dishwasher?
    A: We recommend hand-washing for all our glass products. Over time and with repeated uses, the dishwasher detergent will scratch art glass and leave it foggy-looking, however they should not break inside the dishwasher. 

    Q: Are your glass dishes food safe?
    A: Yes, they are!

    Q: Can your glass dishes be put in the oven or microwave?
    A: No! Never use art glass to heat up food in your microwave or oven. They will likely thermal shock, potentially cracking in your oven or microwave.


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