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This Mystic Sun & Moon suncatcher is guaranteed to give some beautiful reflections when placed in your window.  Sol and Mani were the Sun and Moon, or more precisely, the beings who drove the Sun and Moon in their courses through the sky. Sol and Mani were sister and brother, and both were fair and beautiful. Stained Glass Suncatcher - Hang in your window securely.  Measures 7.25  in.


Sol and Mani Full Circle

SKU: 4.1292E+12
  • Variety of Glass
     60/40 Tin/Led
    Copper Foil
    Wax Sealant 
    Metal Hoops
    Lead Came


    Treat your glass with respect. Remember – no matter how much it’s supported or how strong it looks – this piece is made out of a breakable material and is fragile. ​

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