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Art Gallery


Our new gallery space showcases the finest local talent, offering a diverse collection of artwork from artists across various mediums. At Sun Sapphires, we are passionate about supporting and celebrating our community's creativity. Each piece is available for purchase, with artists receiving their earnings once their work finds a new home. Our gallery is the perfect place to discover and support local artistry. Come visit us to experience the beauty and creativity of our local artists


Faces of Nature.png

Linda Anderson

Faces of Nature

I have been crafting masks and shields for over thirty years, out of feathers, fiber, wood, beads, leather, fur and fabric. My artform continues to evolve. I live in the southwestern United States, so many find the Native American spirit alive in my art. “Faces of Nature” describes the theme of most of my work, as I am inspired by Nature’s beauty, power, intensity, and graciousness. All my pieces reflect some aspect of Nature–in color, texture, and form. Some of my materials I purchase, and many I find as I hike or accompany my husband as he fishes the rivers where we live.


Silver and Loom

Everything I make is created with diligence and love. I view these pieces as a testament to who I am and a small reflection of who my Creator is. I hope through my work people can see just a glimpse of how thoughtfully they themselves were made and that would spark something in them to get to know their Creator a little more.

Silver & Loom - Lexi.png
Suzie Hammond - Suzart.png

Suzie Hammond


SUZART came to fruition in 2006, quite unexpectedly, but with focus and a sense of peace. I find abstract art using bright/bold colors along with textures and various mediums an absolute therapeutic way to create and share Joy and Happiness along with opening our imaginations! Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder...and we all have such amazing beauty!

Chris Vicari

Charleaux Design

After working with many mediums over the years, Durango, CO artist Chris Vicari discovered fluid art and fell in love. She uses vibrantly pigmented acrylic paint to create flowing patterns on canvas, then adds elements of digital art. The final piece is printed onto thoughtfully made paper products designed to help you grow a prettier day, because who doesn't like fun and functional art? 

Chris Vicari - charleaux designs.png
Julia Ion - Howdy Studio.png

Julia Ion


Julia Ion is the artist behind Howdy Studio. Originally from Chicago, she has been living in Durango since 2014. While she's been a creative person her whole life, she started developing her presence as an artist in Durango in 2018. Since then, Howdy Studio has become locally known for the colorful, pseudo-realistic depictions of people's favorite things and plants. Julia's work has morphed and expanded throughout her creative career so far, with her most recent focus being on merging her style withe the art of tattooing. 

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